Being the Church we’re called to be

[This based in notes from Rev Brendon Wilkinson’s message this morning at Holy Trinity Anglican, Dargaville]

Matthew 4.1-11

The temptations with which the Adversary tries to distract Jesus from His calling are instructive as we look at Jesus’ responses and what they could mean for us as a Church looking to be what God calls us to be

  1. The Church is one that is lead by the Holy Spirit – to understand itself as a community that is being taken to where it can be and do what God is calling to be and do. This must be true of the component members of the Church too. We practice seeking God’s Kingdom and His righteousness, in dependance upon the unfailing guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  2. The Church we are called to be is one that hungers for and devours God’s Word. This is one that seeks God together in faithful prayer, that is fed upon the sustaining power and grace of every word that comes from the mouth of God. Again the strong implication is that we each have a privilege to seek out the sustenance that is ours in daily consuming and being consumed by the Word and words of God.
  3. The Church that is our home is one that lives it’s missional life out of faith in God – explicit and implicit, believing in God’s purpose and plan in all that He calls us to and leads us through, and even those to whom He leads us. Individually we live out our lives in a relationship that is expressive of our thankful faith and trust in God who shows Himself faithful and sure in all HIs ways – even they seems more like a threat than a promise.
  4. The Church that is truly seeking to be what calls for is one that is very clear about who it is and where it comes from. Identity means knowing who you are and how you got where you are and to whom you received the life that you now live. Identity means being clear about who or what decides how we live, and before whom we bow, and to whom we owe worship and honour. Each of us, therefore has the honour of discovering and reminding ourselves in the daily discipline of prayer, study and fellowship about where we came from, by whose word and gracious intervention we came to be on this journey. We remind ourselves who it is that loves us without faltering, and who it is from whom we draw energy and inspiration for all that we hear ourselves being called forward.

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