That’s it. I quit!


I’m doing it! I’m retiring from full-time, active, ministry in a local church setting. We’re moving to Kumara Country – to Dargaville on the banks of the upside-down river. So of course, I’m thinking about how you preach yourself out of a place to leave behind encouragement, a positive vibe for the future, but also a reminder of what I’ve been asserting for 12 years as the core of what it’s all about – this being a church, a community of saints and sinners, a mission in the hardest mission-field on the planet.

So I’ve crafted a series under the heading: Remember This. 1. If we don’t do it… 2. Everyone matters. 3.It’s all ours already. 4. God is always present. 5. Love each other

What follows as subsequent posts will be each of that series…hoping to encourage and stir up some great ideas for a splendid future for Forrest Hill.

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