wild goose chase.7

7.a new power
2 Timothy 1.6-8;  1 John 4.1-6
Snatching at the wind Who could possibly seize, grasp of control a spirit (or the wind for that matter)? The world of popular fiction (films, TV, books) overflows with stories, adventures, sagas about people commanding or trying to harness the power of the spirit world. In many of them it emerges as a wildness beyond all our technologies and skills.
The hint is perhaps in the Greek and Hebrew words for spirit: pneuma and ruach both also mean breath or wind – something you certainly can’t hold or contain.
And yet we know that there is great power in that which is spiritual –
and it puzzles us because so much of it is processed invisibly.
My aim is that God should show you about His power – from on high, by His Spirit.
This is the only means by which we can even hope to be agents of revelation & witness.
We can come with all the talent, tactics, equipment and theology –  but if it’s not fueled and powered by the work of God’s Spirit (in means and character) it will not have the missional result for which we should be looking and hoping.
Gaining some biblical sense In his second letter Paul tells Timothy (& us) (1.6-8) to take responsibility for igniting the work of God’s Spirit within him – the spark of God’s active presence alive within us –
which awaits our willingness to make something visible,
vibrant, testifying, impacting of and with that inner Presence.
We (as with Timothy) are to be neither fearful nor timid in this visible demonstration but rather confident of that which God is doing in each of us and to put it into action.
So if we’ve not been given a spirit of fear and timidity – what is this spirit within us?
This is that which only comes to us by God’s own Spirit –
a spirit of power, love and self-discipline (or self control).
Has it ever occurred to you that these three belong together as the work of God in our lives? That’s why Paul says to us don’t be ashamed or hesitant in telling, or demonstrating for people what the Lord has done and is doing.
For precisely this reason use every ounce of God-given strength in making Him known.
A single thought from John’s first letter (4.4b)
Ghosts, vampires, demons, wizards, witches, gurus & shamans, dictators, oppressors  & abusers –
not one of them has that which God has brought to life and stirred up within you,
nor can any of them take it away or diminish the powerful, miracle-working of the whispering voice of God –
His Spirit – who creates universes out of nothing –
life in the midst of death –
salvation from bondage –
hope out of despair –
purpose from confusion –
love out of fear.
this is the very Presence of God that Jesus planted in you when you first believed in Him.
He never took it away
He never watered it down
He’s simply wondering when you’re going to stir it up
burning embers into a roaring fire of faith, hope and love
especially transforming, provoking love, living witness

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