wild goose chase.2

A new song

Hometown advantage When and where the crowd knows and believes in a   team, and raucously cheers them on, they have an advantage over the  opposition…worth a few points in close competitions…it’s as though an attitude, a spirit of confidence gets into the team.
Spontaneous (?) Outburst [Acts 2.1-12] Waiting, expectant, faith-filled, prayerful is how the Lord found those gathered in the Upper Room; and this led to the promised release of the Holy Spirit in and among them. The release was signified by signs which included a Spirit-driven, multi-lingual outburst of praise (all about the wonderful things God has done!) This both amazed and transformed their hearers, adding many to those who followed Jesus and ever after cheerfully sang His praises.
This has become an observed and predictable effect of the release of the Spirit in revivals, awakenings and renewals throughout history; new songs are written in new styles to be sung in new contexts. (new wineskins?) A new enthusiasm for giving praise and singing, a profound sense of worship and of love for God and His people is characteristic of these times.
True Worship [John 4.19-26] Place, time and form (tradition) of worship are all transcended by the Spirit of worship that comes from an intimate relationship with God as the Father of our Lord, Jesus; the form must always be in a state of renewal and reformation according to what God is doing in the relationship. True worship, God-pleasing worship, is that which comes from knowing the truth (about God and about self) and more especially from the indwelling Spirit of God at work in and among us as both individuals and as a body, a community.
Presence and Power in Symphony When we take the promise the promise of God’s positive, powerful response to us in Matthew 18.19-20 and that of His transforming presence among those who lift up heartfelt praise. In Psalm 22.3 we can see the importance of presenting God with the unified praise of His gathered people. In Matthew the word “agree” comes from the Greek “sumphoneo” from which we get the word symphony which also carries, in Greek, a sense of music or sound offered in both unison and harmony with a sense of unity and agreement. This setting also brings an encouragement and enlightenment that unites and empowers the people of God in Christ in a way nothing else can. [Colossians 3.16]
So let’s unleash the new song that’s already in us and make a powerful and transforming symphony of our gatherings to bring light and salvation to all who gather with us; igniting passions, generating hope for healing and restoration, witnessing to the astonishing salvation that is ours in Christ.

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