Beginning the Wild Goose Chase

The Wild Goose is the Celtic symbol for the Holy Spirit…chasing the wild goose is about being committed to a life filled with and reflective of the inner workings of God by His Spirit. This is the first of a new series.

You Gotta Breathe [Genesis 1] We know new life has begun securely when the baby draws breath for herself – and keeps breathing. It’s a breath that is the gift of God to all creatures, to all of creation. The Word spoken, breathed over Creation.
You Gotta Move [Ezekiel 37] What looks dead and unpromising, hopelessly injured and lifeless is revived, energised, enfleshed, brought back to life. Note that there must be flesh and muscle, strength and movement. It may take time; like recovering from serious surgery or a disabling injury.
You Gotta Belong [Acts 2] In the wonder and mystery of that first Christian Pentecost, the Spirit gave life to a whole new community; emphasising that the Wild Goose Chase is a communal activity, not a solo enterprise – life in the Spirit is best demonstrated in a diverse, complex, fascinating community of God’s love and redeemed people. The advantages are both internal and external – encouragement and strength (think of migrating geese flying in formation); and the diversity is a testimony to an unearthly source and Presence.
You Gotta Work [Acts 2] This perpetual, never-ending wonder is energising; meant to engage us in the work of the Kingdom of God – each of us has a unique and essential role that involves in working with the Lord in growing and tending His vineyard. Any body, whether a human or an animal body, needs to work to stay flexible, strong, healthy – and the mind needs continual exercise for that body to mature and stay the distance. In our case the work is that for which we both directed and enabled by the life-giving, empowering Spirit of God.
God all the way there can be no talk or activity pointing to the Spirit without understanding that this is God, both Father and Son at work in, among and through us, revealing Himself. inviting people into relationship.
God starts all that takes place
God inspires and motivates every activity
God empowers all that we do under His direction
God is the unseen influence that makes it grow
God is the One for who monitors and moderates all He sets us doing

Learn to breathe again…with God. It involves trust and commitment; it will change your life for ever and for good. It will revive your life and fill it in ways you might never have anticipated. You begin with the first breath.

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