Christmas lights.2.peace

What do you have to look forward to? Ah, the joy and anxiety of anticipation! Pessimists don’t hold out much hope and that way can’t be disappointed, they expect things to go wrong, even when they’ve gone well; optimists believe it will be great no matter how it looks now, and even if it does crash he thinks it might have been worse, doesn’t like to that anything bad has happened!
Both are tiring, because they’re never at peace about the future – one’s desperate for it to work out well and the other believes it never will! And Christmas works like that for them; it’s gonna be a disaster or a great triumph never seen before. Where is the peace that all the carols sing about. Peace on earth good will to men?
The coming of Peace Speaking into a situation of disintegrating expectations and continual threat, Isaiah sees a time when One will rise whose many impressive title will include one with a promise – Prince of Peace! This One who reveals in Himself God’s authority, wisdom, power and priority, also brings into being God’s desire and passion for peace; to bring in an era of us relating freely, openly, honestly with God and with each other. Peace is about restored relationships, ordered around love and trust and integrity; an environment in which renewal, healing and growth and joy may prosper.
At His departure, this is what Jesus, the Prince of Peace bequeaths to His followers – peace unknown in the world. In the promised coming of the Holy Spirit (of truth) Jesus signals that this longed for era of peace is about to arise – first in the individual follower, but also as a characteristic of the community of followers. Peace with God and each other which is then offered up to the disrupted and tumultuous world; again as a perfect environment for renewal, healing and growth.
In us, among us and through us are the dimensions in which we should expect this to work. Obviously peace is not fully evident – even after 20 centuries of trying to get it right – what we have now is an anticipated form of peace, a form that points imperfectly to the unmasked reality that awaits in the final unfolding of all things.
In the meantime we have the awesome privilege of living in and with this life-forming dimension of God’s mission. Accepting and living out His declaration of peace with us, and living that way in all our relationships. We’re not needing to win for our own sakes, but putting ourselves in a situation where others might prosper and grow – others both in and beyond our christian networks – it can be said that what and how we do in the church is our practising for what is relationally required of us in the mission field we live in.
Simply, develop peaceable relationships. First with God, then with yourself, next with your fellow pilgrims and then with those who lives and needs comprise our ever-present mission field.

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