Black Dog meets the Light of the World

Pulled into a new wave of discovery by launching into a new series of messages under the Title.

What is depression? What’s happening when it hits those whom it oppresses? How can they be helped? How can we help them? What “theological” hope can or ought to be offered in their struggles?

A small number of people in my community of Jesus followers have experienced this very real, if somewhat unwelcome intruder – a group that includes my wife and one of our daughters. I have  learnt both about depression and about how to encourage and how NOT to encourage those oppressed by the black dog. SO now this series to hopefully encourage and inform us as those who will encounter one of those 1:6 in NZ who suffer from serious bouts of depression, and those who are included in that group.

the topics are:   Out of the Depths looking at Psalm 130

Why So Downcast? looking at Psalms 42 and 43

Where Can I Flee? looking at Psalm 139

New Every Morning looking at Lamentations 3.16-33

From this week, I’ll try to post the notes for the coming message on the preceding Saturday at the latest. However what will follow this post will be the first, delivered last Sunday (i.e. October 3)

Oh here comes that wave again,


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