this is a complementary series based on the somewhat more out of left field articles that go into our Sunday bulletin as a teaser…under the heading of Pete’s Page:

1.making a choice
Have you ever played that game where you leave your drive and turn and at the next non-cul de sac you turn right and then at the next turn you go left and so on. If you start by going left from the church car park onto Forrest Hill  Road, within twenty turns you’ll be going down Mokoia Road into the Birkenhead shops. But you won’t have planned it and by the time you’ve gone a thousand turns you might be back near here or somewhere in Titirangi heading towards Whatipu. The adventure keeps going as long as you keep choosing left and then right and then left; while it appears random, you have in fact kept making choices that may lead somewhere or nowhere.
Funny how our lives turn out like that sometimes. Even when we’re “not making choices” we’re making a choice to not make a choice…in a sense we’re choosing the seeming randomness of a left-right path through life.
For example if you choose to not choose who or what you will base your life on, you have chosen to direct your life yourself, you have chosen to not change. It’s the same with our spiritual life. If we choose to not decide about a God to live by, or to put off deciding to follow Jesus we are choosing ourselves as our god – but what a stupid little god with such a limited view and such a weak ability to change the world. It is a choice nonetheless – and make no mistake it is a choice rejecting God and His loving Son Jesus.
In Jesus, God has shown us astonishing generosity, inviting us to accept the free gift of loving, life-changing friendship including freedom from the control of whatever is the hot thing at the moment. God  has also given us the wonder of a community of fellow-travellers to support and challenge us in this eternal kind of life. And here’s another of those subtle enigmatic choices. To choose not to go church, somewhere, anywhere, is to choose against the people of whom God has made you a part. To choose to stay home is saying that home is better than church and that there is nothing worth going out for; it is saying that church and the God who makes Himself are not enough for what we need, or event hat I can do better for myself than God could do for me. It’s all about choices – even when we’re “not making any choices.”
Choose for Him, choose the best, choose life.

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