Good Friday

what follows is the very brief, for me reflection that I wrote for our reflective service tomorrow

The tears of God are in the blood of Christ
On this day we see the productive, saving grief of God at our sinful rebellion – God answers our need (and His grief) in the trials, suffering and death of His Son – God in the flesh weeps and bleeds for our liberation.
As Jesus suffers and bleeds on the Cross He pours out His trust in His Father and His astonishing love for His loved ones – us! You! Me! Your annoying neighbour! Your estranged relatives! The prominent and the poor! He does what He does, endures what He endures, to draw us into the compassion with which He desperately wants to present us as friends to the All-wise, All-powerful, Ever-present pure heart of God – He calls out with forgiveness for the decent and the dastardly, for the deserving and the malevolent, for the sick, the poor, the oppressed and even the unconcerned and apathetic.
Whether you want it or not, whether it fits your theology or not, the tears of God in the blood of Christ are our only hope of acceptance with the Divine Father. Embracing the grace of those tears is what we need to wake up to the spirituality, the destiny for which the Father-Creator dreamed of us in His mind, fashioned us with His hands, and loved us (still loves us) with all His heart – His now wounded and grieving heart.
the tears still fall for whoever turns their face to the raining down of God’s marvellous, astonishing liberating love.
It’s yours – will you receive it today?

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