pp adventuring

a preview post so Tama can get his teeth into something for the weekend rather than pastors’ bones (heh!)

thankfulness is – adventuring
“Something keeps moving the couch while we’re all asleep and opening the curtains we’ve shut for the night, and it just feels so weird here at times.”
That’s how the conversation went as we stood at the front door about to commence a “house cleansing.” Now I see that I’m dealing with an exorcism – too late to go looking for expert help…I’m it and all that I believe and have learned is about to be tested. Is God a real presence? Is He still active and involved in overcoming such spiritual niggles? Does His defeat of death mean the defeat of deathly spirits too?
I did all that I’ve done before in cleansing houses after deaths; prayed in every room, over doors and windows, but never expected the little display of spiritual petulance that flung a mirror to the floor. Nothing like that to make you get serious in praying. Marvellously, the occupants reported the place felt a lot more peaceful thereafter. And I KNOW it wasn’t me. It was the power of the unseen ever-present Lord that calls us to follow Him.
Am I boasting? Not at all! This is God urging me into less familiar and scary territory to show me the joy of adventuring with Him, of taking risks with the riches of His life that He has trusted me with.
When I am confronted by the image of God’s own Son beginning the week that changed the world for good riding into the place of His apparent demise on a donkey, vulnerable, wide open to danger and menace from both civic and religious authorities, I’m stunned at His great heroism. He knew some of what was facing Him and yet He rode on in with people loudly drawing attention to His arrival and to the very claims that made Him a threat.
God’s adventure here was putting His love out there for all to see and to either accept and embrace for ever and for good or to mock as futile and foolish and wasted on an ignorant and rebellious creation. What drove Him? Why would He do that for us? Why risk absolutely assured rejection and misunderstanding? LOVE! That’s why. God in Jesus risked all He did because He wanted to be in relationship with His most loved creatures again.
This is huge and should draw a huge response from us in worship, faithfulness, generosity and adventurous living. What are you waiting for?!

the Spirit wind blows, the seas of God’s purpose are stirred up…watcha gonna do – sit on the beach? Come oooon!!!


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