now you has jazz, jazz, jazz

“I’ve just got to tell you about this great weekly gig I went to last Wednesday. I heard about it through an online network and I knew the guy that started it so I thought I’d give it a go…been thinking about it for some time anyway.
So I slip through the door a bit late, in full view of the small band of enthusiasts, and find a seat near the back…grab a coffee and sit back to enjoy the proceedings. It was fun – a welcome breather in a busy week – to listen, to think, to simply relax…no-one much cared what I did so long as I could appreciate the scene that was unfolding.
Heard stuff that was both familiar and new, even innovative; met people I’d never seen before, though could see that some old friends had been on show there in the past.
Near the end they called my number and I came away with a free gift of surprising generosity – especially since it was my first time. So of course I want you to know about it – I want you to come along and enjoy the scene with me – meet the friendly relaxed people I met – hear the sounds I heard – see the sights I saw. It was just what I needed at that time – it lifted my spirits, sent me home chilled (albeit at 10pm.) MAybe it could do the same for you…we all need a tonic right?!”

“Oh where was I? Oh yeah – Cafe 121 in Ponsonby at the weekly outing of the Creative Jazz Club (on behalf of the NZ Jazz Network – I know you’d love it!”

Funny how enthused we can get about something like that and tell everyone we encounter that they’ve got to try it – we tell how it did us some good, how good it felt to be there, how well the people there treated us. I suspect we’d even keep quiet about little foibles we noticed (like the ancient toilets and bit of breeze from the courtyard)  cos we’d want to make sure the friend came with us.
Sharing good news actually comes easy to us when we’re enthused.

And of course the thing about Jazz is that everyone has a part that complements the others participating…so how come we find our church so hard to recommend, and in particular the One who makes church such a great place to be? And how come we struggle to let others take their place and make their own music?

Oh…here comes another wave…are you ready for it?

Barefoot Surfer

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