learning the hard way

There was that cat again…brazen baggage parading herself almost within reach. He barked his silly head off and she just kept it up marching, taunting him…so tantalizing! She knew it would come soon, even though he had retired to the cool and safety of his kennel. Suddenly he came roaring out of his shade, while she politely retreated to a hole in the hedge, going for all his canine might he reached the end of his heavy duty chain – piiinnnnggg!!!! He was free – ha, haaa!!! OUCH!…as he crashed into the trunk of the hedge plants that had cut off his desperate pursuit time and again when his chain finally surrendered to his ire. The hole was still cat-sized not bulldog-sized. However many times it’d happened to him, he still hadn’t learnt that a bulldog’s broad shoulders did not fit through the cat’s escape hatch. Just a dog on a mission!
Poor old Bruce; and yet are we any smarter – really? How many times does have to God teach us a lesson before we actually get it? He offers us a clear revelation of His will and purpose for our human existence in the words of the Bible, He even offers one to illuminate it for us – and by His Spirit goes even further in giving us variously gifted people to explain what we don’t seem to be licking up as a direct signal from God to our own dull ears.
We get all the information we can handle if we’re desperate enough to look for it, to ask for it, even to listen for it. But it seems we just reach a point of spiritual saturation, indigestion even. All this information gathering isn’t in the slightest danger of transforming us cos a very important component is missing. Without it we’re like the person who looks in a mirror at her own reflection and then walks away completely forgetting what she saw. (Yeah I know: that comes from James 1:27…anyway…)
To learn our life lessons fully we must, we MUST, put into practice what we’ve read, heard, seen…maybe even tried out. We’ve got to make it happen in our lives. As a church there are things we agree to be correct and true, we see that they happened in the early church – but we don’t try.

Are we God’s loved children promised His help or dumb bulldogs? Will we learn by doing, or keep banging into perceived impossibilities. In His loving urgency…trying avoid ending up own the rocks of my own stupidity, Barefoot surfer…..

2 thoughts on “learning the hard way

  1. h’yeah….it’s good to be thinking like that again….actually to be thinking is kinda nice…
    love to you and the cheerleader

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