which way is up?

Of course I got lost in my first days here. I ended up heading in as wrong a direction as could manage. I should have been going west and south but was actually steadily heading east and north. I worked that part of the problem was my inbuilt southern hemisphere compass that caught the sunlight and deduced south from where it was at that moment.

Strangely, yesterday my heart wanted me to make precisely the same initial turn that had me going the wrong way. Coming out of the Southpark Mall, my heart said turn left, but my head quickly corrected that to a right turn – but there was this ridiculous “conversation” going on that left felt, but I KNEW it wasn’t. Thank goodness, thank the still small voice…He’s whispered directions to me before while driving around this confusing city (locals still get lost) and when I ultimately paid attention it was the right way to go.

North is still over my shoulder, it’s just sun doesn’t move around through the north it moves through the south. While north is true, it takes a little attention to see it properly nin the radically new environment and once paid attention to, finding my way around is simpler. (And now I’m heading on to the next environment…London.)

Our True North, our prime source of direction is always, always in the same , drawing us to the same guided lifestyles, toward the ultimate and intermediate goals of our lives. And it is true that a new environment, a major lifestyle change, a fresh  growth point can change our perception of where True North is, and we can find ourselves a little lost and perplexed as find things we didn’t expect or welcome creating a new environment that confuses and misdirects us.

But True North, the One who knows us best and understands our setting even if we don’t, has not moved or changed His position. His guidance is multi-situational; it works no matter where you are or what you’re caught up in. Up is still where He is and the direction is to be found in what He whispers in your heart and shouts out loudly in His self-revelatory Word.

There is another channel of directive realignment – when I got lost that time, I rang my friend Bryan who couldn’t believe how lost I’d got myself and gently and confidently guided me back to where I could navigate my way to where I belonged. SOmetimes it’s in the plan of the All-Wise to use kindly, loving human agency to quietly byt firmly put us back on the right path, and get us walking with the Ever-Present again.

Will get lost again? Oh sure, I’m human after all…but ultimately, I know my True North will bring me home where I belong. (John 14:3)

Stay afloat out there, there are some great Spirit directed waves coming your way.

The Barefoot Surfer

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