holstered guardians

This is just a quick reflection on the fact that through the weekend there are armed cops on duty on the road outside and one in the foyer of the church. He’s obviously well known and respected by the church members. His take on why he was there is that there has been a group threatening to disrupt services and he was there, as were his colleagues on “traffic duty”, to make sure they didn’t too far. Kind of like they knew who they were watching out for.

He did agree that there is in the background of their awareness the people who shot up churches and their people in recent history as well as this safeguard.

Until then the guns seemed just plain nasty to have around church, but given that kind of unspoken threat you can see why they would be there. It is  a bit daunting to realise that they carry weapons as a matter of course – which you must do when anyone has the right to bear arms at any time.

Just a little flaw in an otherwise impressive scene.

what do you Kiwis think of this? What do the Charlotteans say about this kind of thing?

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One thought on “holstered guardians

  1. Wow this sounds like post 1840 NZ think Parihaka, Ruapekapeka, Rangariri Except the arms were there to force us out of our Pa’s ( Which happened to be on Sundays) Funny that, the faith that was bought was used as a weapon of war. How do we now go back and break those barriers down. Praise the Lord times have changed. How is it going over there Mr Peter? Sounds like there is some interesting things happening there

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