After taste


First question: did I get to worship at FHC this weekend. Sure did, though not at the Saturday service, but that was entirely due to being strung out by lack of sleep. Could hardly sing (and I love to sing) let alone engage with what was happening. So any comment I might have had would have come from a tired and dispirited persona. Though afterwards a really nice guy sat down and introduced himself and talked about what he does.


This evening service crowd didn’t seem to connect, and probably didn’t identify the stanger in a strange land, in total contrast with the number of kind people who took the time to connect both before and after the morning services. That eased the sense of being a stranger in a strange land. And yes I did get to worship in the first morning service, able to lift my voice in joyful praise. Even I did find the pace of “How great Thou art” a bit hurried – just sang through it…corporate worship is about more than my taste in how music is presented…it’s about whether people got it and came before God humbly and grateful for all His gracious love to them.

Does anyone else feel that it’s strange to go into a worship environment that is darkened in order for the effect of the soloist to be heightened? Maybe I’m just a simple small-to-medium-church minister who enjoys seeing all the people smiling, interacting, worshipping the One Lord together. I’m sure a number of Kiwi churches also darken the Sanctuary/Auditorium to better enable the presentation software. Once I got into it it was fine, and I enjoyed lifting my voice in honour of my good and gracious Lord to such great music.

The message was helpful to those trying to find a way to fulfil or help others fulfil their dreams. And in the first morning service I heard it all the way through. Thanks Marilynn. There was also some excitement when David told the church about how much money they’ve been raising for work beyond the church and it’s natural catchment – a million in two years for work that ranged from inner city Charlotte to Senegal and the Sudan. They’re talking a total sum that the barefoot surfer can only boggle at and knows would cover our budget at FHPC for two years at least.

So the taste was different, but not repugnant – and it may just be that it’s an acquired taste. Question is of those attending, how satisfying is it for them, and how attractive is it likely to be to people trying worship for the first time? Does it leave them feeling challenged and equipped?

Still afloat,

the barefoot surfer.

One thought on “aftertaste

  1. When I first started going to CV we always had very low lighting in our services. It was quite hard getting used to morning services, so much light! Not sure why it was like that, but I liked it. Maybe people felt a little freer to worship cause they didn’t feel like people were watching. ??? Dunno tho.

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