take me out to the ball game

As if the pure Americana of my house is not enough, a kind member of the staff at FHC took me to a baseball game last night. Turned out it was the birthday of Bradd, the Facilities Manager, so hee and a few friends from here gathered at a clash between the Charlotte Knights and the Durham Bulls (as in from the movie “Bull Durham”.) All the thinngs you’d expect were there – the loud announcements throughout, teh sellers of all kinds of food, including hotdogs, peanuts in the shell, candy floss and some kind of cake made by forcing dough into a vat of oil and then covering it with icing sugar. Bad, bad, bad – but nice if you share it. And get this they actually sang the song, oh come on you know the song, “Take me out to the ball game…”. Yeah okay, I don’t know the words, but I do know the tune. The thing that was interesting was that being there with friends was equally if not more important than the game itself. It was  fun though.

I’ve already become aware of some of the dynamics that are involved in such a large multi-staffed church. There’s quite a structure, and while collegiallity is important, so is knowing how you fit into the scheme of things and who reports to whom.  I will be attending all three services this weekend; that’s Saturday night, and Sunday morning twice. The 9:30 crowd are the more committed crowd and the 11:00 are the more casual crew; so I’m told. Everyone is charming and warmly welcoming and have obviously been told I was coming.

I”ll be meeting with some EPC (Evangelical Presb Church) people as well to maybe help form some links with the Affirm and Napec people in NZ.

Well I’m about to  brave the traffic again and visit Southpark (yes that’s it’s name) Mall and visit a tremedously large bookshop called Joseph Beth.

Keep riding the wave of the Spirit,

Barefoot Surfer

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