At peace or in pieces?

The delightful Bernie has been losing weight, and no-one knows why. Several procedures, tests scans and the like later, all we know is she’s losing weight and feeling soome pain/discomfort to the left of her abdomen. Oh yeah, her appetite is slipping and her endurance has taken a hike (without her!)

Whadja do with that?!

Fall to pieces? Tempted! Seek peace? Kinda obvious really! Peace in what though?! By virtue of what? Well so here’s the thing; I’m a Minister of God’s great, good news – and in my ever sipnning nut I know the truth. God is always with us in everything – but it’s so easy to “get busy” and ignore the obvious point of refuge. 

The answer comes through friends who believe for me when my head’s between my legs waiting for the blast. Friends who encourage (sometimes ineptly – we don’t need mpore diagnosticians), who pray both for and with us. Friends who give a darn. They’re like the Lord Himself reaching out with hands of compassion to comfort and to heal. No matter how imperfectly of frustrating they do this – they do this, and it’s full of grace adn power.

Why the heck people give up on Church I’ll never get – especially they can be so loved, carried, pillowed through really tough times and brought continually into the presence of the ever-faithful Lover of our souls.

Hey is that another wave coming?


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