the first step

so here I am standing in the boat of my life – it’s been a comfortable ride at times, though there’ve been a few upsetting moments – even a few attempted mutinies. And now in the face of another five-yearly change, they’re telling me it’s time to step out of the boat and do a bit of barefoot surfing.

Y’ see I had this great idea for our community that would involve big changes in how we do things and even where we do them. (It was only a good idea! Wasn’t it?) Now they’re calling my bluff. They’re asking how passionate I am about it – and if it’s the Ever-Present who’s planted it in my deepest being. They even said that if I was passionate about it and believed it was Divinely given they’d follow me.

WHAT???!!! I go bare-foot surfing and they’re going to follow that! Well blow me away, at 61 that’s almost a new experience – and can I be honest? It’s scary!

So now I’m listening real hard – is that the roar of the surf, or is it the Voice urging me out like my ancient namesake? And is that angelic sniggering I can hear?

SO to any who’ve braved my nonsense out of curiosity or prayerful concern (Ineed it) thanks – keep it up – I di think that’s Him calling.


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